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The following policy was produced by the Society prior to the introduction of congestion charging when the Council last proposed a Controlled Parking Zone in 2002:


A CPZ can have a major impact on the environment and the amenity of residents. The Society therefore proposed to Lewisham Council that they should give the following undertakings before any CPZ is introduced into Telegraph Hill:

1) that the scheme should be withdrawn if residents do not find it satisfactory or if congestion charging is not introduced or is withdrawn; that the area will be the minimum necessary (probably no further south than Arbuthnot Road) and only expanded later if necessary;

2) that additional planning controls will be introduced to limit the impact of the CPZ on the environment (in particular an Article 4 direction should be implemented preventing, without planning approval, the conversion of front gardens into hard standing for cars)

3) that the scheme should be designed solely to deter commuter parking, with a minimum running cost and minimum inconvenience to bona fide visitors (e.g. by no-parking restrictions limited to say 2 hours in the middle of the day); and

4) that increases in annual cost to residents (if any) should be kept to no more than inflation.

Since the Council REFUSED to give ANY such undertakings, a public meeting was held at the Neighbourhood Centre.  The meeting was against the introduction of a CPZ (no votes in favour and one abstention). The Society accordingly decided as policy that it was AGAINST the introduction of a scheme. 

It was recognised that residents at the bottom of Jerningham, Troutbeck and Musgrove Roads could be affected by commuter parking and that there were problems at the bottom of Pepys Road with the bus garage.  Discussions took place with the Council over the introduction of a scheme which, if those residents agreed, would cover that area only and would be in operation for only one hour per day to deter commuter parking. This idea was REJECTED by the Council since the revenues raised from the scheme would be insufficient to justify it.  The Society was informed that only an area wide scheme would be contemplated (and residents were against such a scheme).

The results of the Council's consultations were published on 30 August 2002. They showed a clear and overwhelming REJECTION of the proposed scheme by local residents (results here).

At present therefore the Society sees no reason to change its previous policy on Controlled Parking Zones although it welcomes new submissions from residents and will keep matters under review. It is aware that the new traffic calming measures are causing concern to some residents but believes that it is far too early to say whether these will have a significant impact on parking/walking distances particularly as the scheme is not yet fully implemented.   Even if the traffic calming measures warranted a new consultation, this consultation is premature.