Controlled Parking on the Hill

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Telegraph Hill

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 PROS (as seen by the council)

 CONS (as seen by the council)

  • If you do suffer parking problems at present, introducing a CPZ should reduce these.
  • Dangerous or nuisance parking will be banned using yellow lines which the Council can enforce.
  • Less parking in an area should also lessen the amount of traffic using your road.
  • Permit cost or Pay and Display charges apply for parking in a CPZ.
  • Kerbsides within the CPZ are marked either as a parking bay or a yellow line and signage is required at the entrance to the CPZ and at the parking bay areas.
  • Pay and Display machines will need to be installed next to the pay and display bays, but LBL will try to minimise any extra street equipment.



  • A CPZ does not guarantee you a parking space. Many Councils overallocate permits in order to maximise revenue.
  • Dangerous or nuisance parking will be banned using yellow lines IN ANY CASE by the traffic calming scheme. It does NOT need a CPZ to do it. This is NOT a pro point for a CPZ.
  • The “area” for the scheme is nowhere defined. In previous consultations the Council has refused to deal with small problem areas such as parts of roads since only a wide area scheme (e.g. the whole of Telegraph Hill) would make their plans profitable.
  • Once the scheme is in, the Council can charge what it likes.  It will not give a commitment to inflation-only increases and recent increases have been above the rate of inflation.
  • Visitors and tradesmen can find it extremely difficult to park and may have to park long distances away from your house or flat.  
  • Parking schemes can become very confrontational with residents’ needs conflicting with the Council’s needs to enforce and maintain parking income
  • There is no scheme for residents who hire cars as and when then need them - they pay visitor rates.
  • CPZs encourage house owners to convert their gardens into hard standing for cars. They ruin and destroy Conservation Areas.