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Less than three years after residents comprehensively rejected Lewisham’s Council’s last proposals for a Controlled Parking Zone they are at it again. New proposals came around in March 2005 to seek residents’ views and, as always, they only tell a bit of the story.

For a summary of the results of the last consultation: click here

For the pros and cons of a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) : click here.

For the Society’s current policy on CPZs, click here.

If you live in the Telegraph Hill area and did not get a copy of the consultation document please visit or call Lewisham Council on 020 8314 2582.

If you wish to tell us your views and influence the Society’s policy or be added to our email circulation list, please email or join in a debate on the Hill’s own website at A summary of those views will be submitted to the Council.

Note that the Council has only given a three week deadline for returning the form despite the fact that the consultation is being held over the Easter holiday when people might be away.  So act NOW.

M G Bacchus