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The number of pictures has meant a reorganisation of the site (and a new web address). The photographs are now presented separately for the two parks and for the re-opening: so click on the relevant heading below and go from there.

The park re-opening pictures come from a number of different people - names are credited at the top right of each picture.
I would still like some more - particularly of the events we have missed - the football, the story-telling and a number of stands and performers. Please let me have any you took of the day: will find me. Similarly, if your picture appears and you rather wished it didnít - my apologies, let me know and we will remove it immediately.

Any comments or other contributions to this website would also be greatly appreciated - do contact me at
As always, my thanks to the project managers, the contractors and Lewisham Council and everybody involved with the restoration of the parks and their reopening.

M G Bacchus
June 2005

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