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Although only few scattered remains (axe-head and scraper) have been found it is highly likely that the Hill, because of its prominent and strategic location, was used in the stone-age or iron-age. Recent digs by the Telegraph Hill Society have shown the creation of the park would have removed any archeological evidence for this.


The Domesday book records a smallholding at Hatcham. The hill to the south would have been part of these smallholdings and probably still wooded as it was once part of the Great West Wood of Kent.


Haberdashers' Livery Company purchases land which includes future site of Telegraph Hill Park. Land cultivated for market gardening.


John Rocque's plan of the Hatcham Estate shows site of Telegraph Hill Park known then as 'Plow'd Garlick Hill'. Except for the village of Hatcham (now New Cross Gate), the landscape appears open, (mostly agricultural, market gardening) with little woodland.


During some of this period the lower slopes of Plow'd Garlick Hill farmed by the Martin family (hay and straw merchants and dairymen). 'Garlick' may refer to the name of a family or perhaps that garlic was grown locally.


Semaphore station installed on Telegraph Hill as link between semaphores at St. GeorgeintheFields and Shooters Hill (Admiralty to Dover line).


Battle of Waterloo. News of victory is relayed to the Admiralty via a series of semaphores, one of which was on Telegraph Hill.


London and Greenwich Railway via Deptford opened, spurring urban development.


Telegraph Hill semaphore falls into disuse; superseded by the electric telegraph and Morse code.


Henry Ewbank (tenant of the Haberdashers' Company) suggests 150 acre public park between Nunhead cemetery and New Cross Road.  The land on the north side of the New Cross Road is already densely developed with housing and industry.


The Haberdashers' Company starts to plan the development the land on Telegraph Hill. Idea of any park on site rejected.

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